Tuff Brake Film Logo

In 1986, Tuff Brake film was introduced by Andrew Roberts Inc. to the precision metal fabricating industry as an innovative and economical way to eliminate press brake die witness marks caused by the lower die during the bending process.

Tuff Brake film is specifically designed to eliminate press brake witness marks when used for bending stainless steel, aluminum, sheet metal and pre painted metals.

Today, Tuff Brake is the industry standard used by thousands of satisfied customers, helping them decrease production costs while increasing productivity.

Tuff Brake Film Features / Benefits:

Press brake die witness marks are eliminated

Sanding is eliminated

Dies are protected

Available in tough .015″ & .030″ thicknesses

Custom sizes available

How to use Tuff Brake Film:

Cut off a piece of die protector film the same length as your bottom die.

Fasten the edge of the film to the front of the die using masking, duct or double faced tape.

Let the press brake film “flop” over the die, begin metal forming.

The same piece of Tuff Brake Film can be used many* times before you need to readjust the film to form against fresh material

* Actual bending amounts will vary due to type of metal being formed and angles produced.